Asus Echelon Laser Gaming Mouse
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Asus Echelon Laser Gaming USB Mouse

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Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
Connectivity Technology Wired
Tracking Laser
Resolution 5600dpi
Interface available Mouse : USB
Note Response time: Up to 1000Hz (1ms) polling rate
DPI stages: 5 customizable DPI stages 
Tracking: High speed motion detection at 150ips and acceleration up to 30g
Macro: Up to 8 Macro keys
Weight-in system: 3 x 10g + 1 x 5g
On-baord memory: Built-in 128kb memeory (plug-n-play on different PCs)
Cable: 1.8m braieded cable
Dimensions 124 x 75 x 42 (mm)
Weight 160 g
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