Gainward NetFire USB Graphics Adapter USB3.0, DP (GA-U3-DP)
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Features USB connectivity between PC/notebook to additional display monitor via DisplayPort connector.
Superspeed USB3.0 device for brining higher resolution and performance for video and graphic. 
Equip with USB to DisplayPort audio device to transfer the audio from PC to monitor or TV. 
Powered by DisplayLinK™ next generation compression technology.
Display the contents (Internet, music, photo, and video supported by your PC) to monitor or TV. 
24-bit Color depth for high quality graphics. 
Add up to six displays per PC. 
The mirror mode is limited to 1-by-1 monitor. 
Supports standard and widescreen (16:9,16:10) aspect ratio. 
Automatic display detection using VESA compliant protocols.

2048*1536 - 4 : 3
2560*1600 - 16 : 10
2560*1440 - 16 : 9


1 x Micro USB3.0 port
1 x DisplayPort port

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