Delock 61803 USB Sound Box 7.1
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Description The Delock USB Sound Box 7.1 enables you to expand your computer by one soundcard. By sourcing out the sound processor all disturbing influences can be minimized, so that you can hear the perfect sound. Just plug the Sound Box to a free USB port of your PC or notebook and connect your speakers or earphones. This product is ideal for applications like Skype, when using a headset. The result is phenomenal !
Specification • USB 2.0 specification
• 6 Connectors (3.5 mm cinch): Headphone, Line in, front speaker, surround speaker, center/bass speaker, rear speaker
• Functional keys: Volume mute, microphone mute, Volume-Down, Volume-UP
• S/PDIF optical digital input and output
• AC-3 Encoder, EAX2.0
• 2 x ADC (analog digital converter) and 8 x DAC (digital analog converter)
• Full-duplex recording and play-back
• Supports 48/44.1 KHz sampling rat for recording and play-back
• USB Audio device Specification 1.0
• USB HID class 1.1
• Supports 7.1 channel Sound
• USB Bus-Power
System requirements • Windows 2000/Server-2003/XP/XP-64/Vista/Vista-64/7/7-64
• Notebook or PC with a free USB port
Package content • USB Sound Box
• USB cable
• Driver CD
• User manual
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Delock 61803 USB Sound Box 7.1

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