Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus 24-port Enterprise Switch, 24x10/100, 2xSFP/GLAN, LAN Lite (WS-C2960+24TC-S)
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480,09 €
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The Cisco® Catalyst® 2960-Plus Series Switches are fixed-configuration Fast Ethernet switches that provide enterprise-class Layer 2 switching for branch offices, conventional workspaces, and infrastructure applications. They enable reliable and secure operations with lower total cost of ownership through a range of Cisco IOS® software features, including Cisco Catalyst SmartOperations. 

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
10/100 Ethernet
Uplink Interfaces 2 (SFP or 1000BASE-T)
Cisco IOS
Software Image
LAN Lite
Flash memory 64 MB
Forwarding bandwidth 16 Gbps
Maximum active VLANs 255
VLAN IDs available 4K
Maximum transmission unit (MTU) - L3 packet 9000 bytes
Jumbo frame - Ethernet frame 9018 bytes
Forwarding Rate: 64-Byte L3 Packets 6.5 Millions of packets per second
Dimensions 4.4 x 45.0 x 24.2
Weight 3.6 Kg
Εγγύηση Lifetime

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