Devolo Home Control Starter Pack (9806)
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Now the smart home journey starts! With all the important components in one package, the devolo Home Control Starter Pack offers the optimal basis to make your home smart.

The devolo Home Control Central Unit is the boss: it discreetly ensures that all components of your smart home work with each other without a hitch.

The provided Door/Window contact keeps an eye on your house! It reliably detects open doors, windows or drawers and sounds the alarm if something isn‘t right.

While you are still sleeping, your Smart Meter Plug is already working: It could brew fresh coffee, turns off devices that you have forgotten or warn you if the refrigerator is still open.

All of these components can be easily operated via an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Your smart home is always just one push of a button away! Of course, the Starter Pack can be easily expanded with additional devolo Home Control components. Just pick them out, plug them in and get started! 

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