Huawei AR169G-L, VDSL WAN, 4 GE LAN, and LTE Modem Router, Annex A Νέο
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Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
WAN Speed with Services (IMIX) 150 Mbit/s
Fixed WAN Ports 1 x VDSL2 (compatible with ADSL2+ Annex A/M, Annex B/J)
Fixed Ethernet Switching Ports 4 x GE (can be configured as WAN interfaces)
Integrated3G/LTE FDD LTE
USB 2.0 Ports 1
Console Ports 1
Memory Size 512 MB
Flash Memory 512 MB
Maximum Power 24W
Power Supply (AC) 100V to 240V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 44.5 mm x 300 mm x 220 mm
Basic Features DHCP server/client, PPPoE server/client, PPPoA server/client, PPPoEoA server/client, NAT, and sub-interface management
Voice RTP, SIP, SIP AG, IP PBX/TDM PBX, FXO/FXS, VoIP, BEST, DISA, and SBC (only voice models support voice features)
WLAN (AP) AP management, WLAN QoS, WLAN security, WLAN radio management, and WLAN user management (only WLAN models support WLAN AP features)
WLAN (AC) AP management (AC discovery/AP access/AP management), CAPWAP, WLAN user management, WLAN radio management (802.11a/b/g/n), WLAN QoS (WMM), and WLAN security (WEP/WPA/WPA2/Key management)
LAN IEEE 802.1P, IEEE 802.1Q, IEEE 802.3, VLAN management, MAC address management, MSTP, etc.
IPv4 Unicast Routing Routing policy, static route, RIP, OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP
IPv6 Unicast Routing Routing policy, static route, RIPng, OSPFv3, IS-ISv6, and BGP4+
Multicast IGMP v1/v2/v3, PIM SM, PIM DM, and MSDP
QoS DiffServ mode, priority mapping, traffic policing (CAR), traffic shaping, congestion avoidance (based on IP precedence/DSCP WRED), congestion management (LAN interface: SP/WRR/SP + WRR WAN interface: PQ/CBWFQ), MQC (traffic classification, traffic behavior, and traffic policy), hierarchical QoS, and Smart Application Control (SAC)
Security ACL, firewall, 802.1x authentication, AAA authentication, RADIUS authentication, HWTACACS authentication, broadcast storm suppression, ARP security, ICMP attack defense, URPF, CPCAR, blacklist, IP source tracing, and PKI
Management and Maintenance Upgrade management, device management, web-based GUI, GTL, SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON, NTP, CWMP, auto-config, site deployment using USB disk, NetConf, and CLI
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