Draytek Vigor 2925VN Plus, Dual-WAN Security Firewall, 50 VPN, GigaWAN, GigaLAN, VoIP, USB port, WLAN 5GHz
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Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά
LAN Ports (Switch)

5 X Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s) Ports
Port-Based VLAN (Inclusive/Exclusive Groups)
802.1q VLAN Tagging

WAN Ports

WAN1 : Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s Interface)
WAN2 : Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s Interface)
WAN3 : USB Port for 3G Cellular Modem or Printer

Performance Firewall: Up to 300Mb/s
IPSec VPN: Up to 50Mb/s
Load Balance/Failover Features Outbound Policy-Based Load-Balance
WAN Connection Fail-over
BoD (Bandwidth on Demand)
Wireless LAN Features

802.11b/g/n (Vigor 2925n) 
802.11b/g/n/a (Vigor 2925n-plus)
Simultaneous Dual-Band Operation - 2.4Ghz/5Ghz (Vigor 2925n-plus)
Multiple SSID : Create up to 4 virtual wireless LANs (independent or joined)
Packet Aggregation and Channel Bonding
Optional Higher Gain or directional aerials available - Click Here.
Active Client List in Web Interface
Wireless LAN Isolation (from VLAN groups and wired Ethernet interfaces)
64/128-bit WEP Encryption
WPA/WPA2 Encryption
Switchable Hidden SSID
Restricted access list for clients (by MAC address)
Time Scheduling (WLAN can be disabled at certain times of day)
Access Point Discovery
WDS (Wireless Distribution system) for WLAN Bridging and Repeating
802.1x Radius Authentication
Wireless VLAN
Wireless Rate-Control
Automatic Power Management
802.11e WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia)

WAN Protocols (Ethernet) DHCP Client
Static IP
Firewall & Security Features

CSM (Content Security Management):

  • URL Keyword Filtering - Whitelist or Blacklist specific sites or keywords in URLs
  • Block Web sites by category (e.g. Adult, Gambling etc. Subject to subscription)
  • Prevent accessing of web sites by using their direct IP address (thus URLs only)
  • Blocking automatic download of Java applets and ActiveX controls
  • Blocking of web site cookies
  • Block http downloads of file types :
    • Binary Executable : .EXE / .COM / .BAT / .SCR / .PIF
    • Compressed : .ZIP / .SIT / .ARC / .CAB/. ARJ / .RAR
    • Multimedia : .MOV / .MP3 / .MPEG / .MPG / .WMV / .WAV / .RAM / .RA / .RM / .AVI / .AU
  • Time Schedules for enabling/disabling the restrictions
  • Block P2P (Peer-to-Peer) popular file sharing programs 
  • Block Instant Messaging programs (e.g. IRC, MSN/Yahoo Messenger etc.)

Multi-NAT, DMZ Host
Port Redirection and Open Port Configuration
Policy-Based Firewall
MAC Address Filter
SPI ( Stateful Packet Inspection ) with new FlowTrack Mechanism
DoS / DDoS Protection
IP Address Anti-spoofing
E-Mail Alert and Logging via Syslog
Bind IP to MAC Address

VoIP Features
  • Two 'FXS' Phone Ports
  • Line Port for connection to analogue (POTS) line
  • Automatic phone switch-over for incoming calls on either PSTN or VoIP
  • Hotline Facility (Dial preset number when handset lifted)
  • Digit-Map facility for LCR selection
  • Protocols: SIP, RTP / RTCP
  • 12 SIP Registrar Accounts (for up to 12 VoIP providers/Trunks)
  • Compatible as remote extensions on DrayTek IP PBXs
  • G.168 Line Echo-cancellation
  • Automatic Gain Control
  • Jitter Buffer ( 180ms )
  • Voice Codecs:
    • G.711 A / µ Law
    • G.723.1
    • G.726
    • G.729 A / B
    • VAD / CNG
    • iLBC
  • Tone Generation: DTMF , Dial , Busy , Ring Back , Call Progress
  • DTMF Transmission: In Band / Out Band ( RFC-2833 ) / SIP info
  • FAX / Modem Support G.711 Pass-through
  • T.38 for FAX
  • Supplemental Services (Dependent on ITSP):
    • Caller ID
    • Call Hold / Retrieve
    • Call Waiting
    • Call Waiting with Caller ID
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Forwarding ( Always , On Busy and On No Answer )
    • DND (Do not Disturb)
    • Call Barring ( Incoming / Outgoing )
    • MWI ( Message Waiting Indicator ) ( RFC-3842 )
Bandwidth Management QoS
Guaranteed Bandwidth for VoIP
Class-based Bandwidth Guarantee by User-Defined Traffic Categories
Layer 2&3 (802.1p & TOS/DCSP)
DiffServ Code Point Classifying
4-level Priority for each Direction (Inbound / Outbound)
Bandwidth Borrowed
Temporary (5 minute) Quick Blocking of any LAN Client
Bandwidth / Session Limitation (with automatic adjustment)
TOS/DSCP QoS Mapping
Smart Bandwidth Limitation (Triggered by Traffic/ Session)
Network/Router Management

Web-Based User Interface (HTTP / HTTPS)
CLI ( Command Line Interface ) / Telnet / SSH
Administration Access Control
Configuration Backup / Restore
Built-in Diagnostic Function
Firmware Upgrade via TFTP / FTP
Logging via Syslog
SNMP v3 Management with MIB-II

VPN Facilities

Up to 32 Concurrent VPN Tunnels (incoming or outgoing)
Tunnelling Protocols: PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec
IPSec Main and Agressive modes
Encryption : MPPE and Hardware-Based AES / DES / 3DES
Authentication : Hardware-Based MD5 and SHA-1
IKE Authentication : Pre-shared Key or X.509 Digital Signature
SSL / OpenVPN VPN for teleworkers - Up to 25 simultaneous users. Proxy or tunnel
LAN-to-LAN & Teleworker-to-LAN connectivity
DHCP over IPSec
NAT-Traversal ( NAT-T )
Dead Peer Detection (DPD)
VPN Pass-Through
MOTP (Mobile One Time Password)

Network Features & Routing protocols

DHCP Client / Relay / Server
DHCP Option 66 support
Dynamic DNS (3rd party providers)
NTP Client (Syncrhonise Router Time)
Call Scheduling (Enable/Trigger Internet Access by Time)
Microsoft™ UPnP Support (30 connections)
Static Routing
RIP v2
IGMP v2 & V3 and IGMP snooping
DNS Cache & Proxy

Operating Requirements

Rack Mountable (Optional Vigor 'RM1' mounting bracket required)
Wall Mountable
Temperature Operating : 0°C ~ 45°C
Storage : -25°C ~ 70°C
Humidity 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Power Consumption: 18 Watt Max.
Dimensions: L240.96 * W165.07 * H43.96 ( mm )
Operating Power: DC 15V (via external PSU, supplied)
Warranty : Two (2) Years RTB
Power Requirements : 220-240VAC

Dimension (LxWxH) 216.4 x 147.8 x 53.5 mm
Note * Firmware Upgradeable
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Draytek Vigor 2925VN Plus

Draytek Vigor 2925VN Plus, Dual-WAN Security Firewall, 50 VPN, GigaWAN, GigaLAN, VoIP, USB port, WLAN 5GHz

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